Stairs to the Pool


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Embedded on a steep and rocky slope, the monumental staircase leads from the ‘Great Canopy’ towards Zevaco’s iconic circular pool. The staircase itself is a vertical sculptural masterpiece comprising seven levels of levels where seating, planters, seguia, ponds, waterfalls, and a pergola made of wooden logs all intermingle. The second level offers a panoramic view of the mountains surrounding the site. The third tier includes a small balcony covered with blue zellige which offers a plunging view on the pool. At the fourth landing, the staircase splits in two, with one path leading towards the pool, and the other towards the bungalows. The fifth level is composed of a shaded seat that offers a view towards the cliff. Finally, the sixth level opens towards the entrance of the swimming pool. Water can be heard as visitors descend towards the pool, with spring water descending from a wall-mounted fountain on the third level all the way down to a basin on the ground which is dispensed through a large vertical trench forming a waterfall.


The stair to the pool has aged and requires rehabilitation. The basins which contributed to the presence of water as visitors used the stair need to be rehabilitated and refilled. The staircase is still used by visitors accessing the swimming pool and green areas south of the spa.

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In 2017 ACP received support from the Getty Foundation to create a Conservation Management Plan (CMP) for the Complex, transforming its abandoned buildings into pedagogical and cultural spaces. Using a participatory design approach that brings various stakeholders and the local community into the design process, a new phased masterplan for Sidi Harazem was developed.  Phase one of the rehabilitation is currently underway: an adaptive reuse approach that will transform the market and hotel into cultural spaces for locals and visitors alike.

Watch the Thermal Station transform below, from its current condition to Aziza Chaouni Projects’ new masterplan!

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