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Sidi Harazem’s entrance is marked by a signal tower, marking an axis which leads to the site’s hotel and iconic pool. The language of the sculpture is certainly Brutalist, playing with the expressive qualities of concrete in a manner which indicates Zevaco’s wider approach to the design of the Station. Those entering the site circulate under the sculpture’s noteworthy overhangs, allowing visitors to appreciate the monumentality of the site. The sculpture consists of concrete blocks stacked on top of each other with large cantilevering beams appropriating the language of airplane signals. Each block is treated differently, with concrete fluted, left rough, etc. The language of the signal tower not only stretches the structural properties of concrete, but also challenges the smooth white aesthetic of the International Modernist style which was evident in the pre-war period.


The signal tower (the first object which greets visitors to the spa) is damaged and requires rehabilitation. Indeed, the new flooring which was added by landscape architect Carrey Duncan in 2000 on top of the existing granit floor of Zevaco has caused deformations of the ground and damage at the base of the tower. In addition, the planters which are integrated in the long, horizontal beams of the tower have not been maintain and their plants have died and blocked drainage caused spalling and exposed R-bars.
Finally, the original lighting that transformed the tower into a beacon at night does not function anymore.


In 2017 ACP received support from the Getty Foundation to create a Conservation Management Plan (CMP) for the Complex, transforming its abandoned buildings into pedagogical and cultural spaces. Using a participatory design approach that brings various stakeholders and the local community into the design process, a new phased masterplan for Sidi Harazem was developed.  Phase one of the rehabilitation is currently underway: an adaptive reuse approach that will transform the market and hotel into cultural spaces for locals and visitors alike.

Watch the Thermal Station transform below, from its current condition to Aziza Chaouni Projects’ new masterplan!

Before Image
After Image