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Public memories play a key role in shaping Sidi Harazem’s future. By contributing to Sidi Harazem’s identity as a shared cultural space, you will help us build its future! Follow the project’s instagram to view these stories, and watch our interviews with people from Sidi Harazem’s past here. 

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Designing Together

The masterplan for the Sidi Harazem Bath Complex moves beyond considerations for rehabilitating its iconic Brutalist architecture. Through a series of community consultations, the ACP team developed a comprehensive phased plan for the adaptive reuse of Zevaco’s buildings to ensure the new program could provide diversified income to the local population, who have relied on the tourism industry provided by the Baths for generations.

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Activating the Site


Together with Moroccan company MAFODER and local artists, Aziza Chaouni Projects is hosting the first artist residency at Sidi Harazem in April 2021. Products and exhibitions produced through the residency will partially help fund public programs on the site to stimulate the local economy. Follow @zsidiharazem on instagram to learn more.

Activating the Site

Keeping It Modern Workshops

Since 2014, the Getty Foundation’s Keeping It Modern (KIMMHUP) has supported 54 grant projects of outstanding architectural significance that contribute to advancing conservation practice. In 2019, architect Aziza Chaouni invited heritage practitioners working in the Global South who have received KIM grants to Sidi Harazem to discuss their work, and to reflect on Sidi Harazem’s potential. You can learn more about these workshops and view the results here.

Activating the Site

Training Local Guides

Aziza Chaouni has been working with youth from the local community, schools, and universities around Fes to build awareness of Sidi Harazem and its architectural significance. Local youth were trained by Aziza Chaouni to give architectural tours.

Support Sidi Harazem

Support public programs at Sidi Harazem through our online store. The project team makes a concerted effort to ensure the local economy is stimulated by these activities whenever possible and is committed to providing ethical and fair compensation. To learn more about our efforts and upcoming programs, follow the project on instagram.